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Here in our gallery you will find various pictures from over the years. If there is anything specific you would like pictures of - for instance you're looking for someone to overhaul your sash windows please email or call Ben on 07534673333 and I'll be happy to see if I can dig out some photos of the specific task you'd like us to undertake as we don't have space to upload every photo here.

Thank you for considering DA Rayner LTD

Dave & Ben Rayner

Timber repair

The below picture gallery shows the method we use to restore rotten timber windows. These pictures were taken at the Mayor's Parlour in Weston Super Mare. 


Bad repairs had been carried out over the years resulting in a lot of rotten windows and doors, we were employed to put the work right.

Rotten timber repair Somerset

A typical bad repair was hiding what could have become a serious problem. The rot was so severe here the frame was rotted right through into the inside.

Rotten timber repair Weston

We start by cutting out all rotten timber, right back to sound timber.

Rotten timber repair Weston 2

The sound timber is then treated with a hardening/ bonding agent to guarantee a strong bond to the new resin.

Rotten timber repair Somerset 3

The left hand side of this door frame has been repaired using our system, shaped and ready to paint. The right hand side shows more rot ready to be repaired.

Rotten timber repair Bristol

Another picture showing a window repair.

Rotten timber repair Weston Mayor's

The resin is then mixed and applied. It has no depth limitations however when rot is very deep we lay down a bed of resin, insert timber pieces and then cover them with resin again. This method bulks out the area, saving material but with a full coating of our resin the timber will never rot.

House painting and decorating Somerset
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