Paint Spraying

Airless Spraying

Our Paint Sprayers have been spraying for many years. We use a few  different machines for Paint Spraying, depending on the job at hand. Below for instance we are airless spraying emulsion. Airless is extremely quick and gives a flawless finish on walls & ceilings when used properly but there are downsides to everything - airless' downfall is the overspray, you certainly wouldn't want to be in the same room whilst we are using airless. Although there are techniques to reduce overspray which we have had good success with and certain paints we can use to reduce overspray, we still cover and protect everything in sight when using airless. Having said this, it's nothing for you to worry about, we have been spraying with airless for 20+ years and have never had a problem.

Below we are spraying a barn conversion in Weston-Super-Mare


HVLP Spraying

HVLP (High Volume, Low Pressure) is a lovely system, we use it anything that either requires a factory like spray finish and also for areas where overspray is not an option


Some examples are -

Aluminum refinishing, UPVC spraying, Metal spraying, Furniture spraying, Kitchen spraying.

Sometimes we also use it for other decorating works where the client wants a sprayed finish in a home, HVLP creates very little overspray so we can use it over carpet, outside near people & vehicles - the below pic was a aluminium door spraying at a busy service station, internally we had a gazebo to isolate customers & food from the smell of paint but externally, the HVLP produces such little overspray when used correctly that any overspray produced dissipates into the air so quickly that we only need a small area shielded off from the public.

Those are the 3 types of machines we use, we can also use conventional spraying but as we are primarily onsite when spraying we tend to only advertise the three types of spraying - Airless, AAA & HVLP.

Below we are spraying aluminium doors to a service station in Somerset


Furniture/ Kitchen Spraying

Spraying kitchens & furniture is becoming ever more popular as people try to reverse the throwaway society we have become.

We all know how things can quickly look dated so why not give us a call and we can put new life into your kitchen or furniture. We don't use 'normal' paints you can buy in the decorators merchants for kitchen & furniture spraying, we use specialist paints designed specially for spraying kitchens & furniture. These paints are extremely hard wearing, very fast drying and leave a beautiful finish, available in sheen levels from 10% through to 95% so you are sure to be able to find exactly the right level of shine for your project. 

We spray onsite mostly but we have sprayed kitchens offsite in the past. We have got a 3m x 3m gazebo we can erect onsite to spray outside of your home.


Below we are using AAA to spray bedroom furniture for a client in Bristol


Air Assisted Airless Spraying (AAA)

Air Assisted Airless or AAA for short is essentially an airless paint sprayer with a small compressor used to help atomise the paint, air is fed to the gun along with paint. There are two reasons we use AAA, one is to reduce overspray, for instance spraying outside as per the photo below where we can't have

un-atomised paint drifting down the road and over cars etc.

The other is for the finish - AAA leaves a better finish than airless, more like the finish you would expect on a car, internally we use AAA on woodwork & metal mostly, it's somewhere between Airless & HVLP - slower than Airless, quicker than HVLP, a better finish than on certain surfaces than airless but not as fine as HVLP. 

Below we are spraying the exterior of a Farmhouse in Taunton 

Picture 052_edited.jpg

Commercial Spraying

On commercial projects we rarely use brush & roller techniques any more as we can cover ground so much quicker when paint spraying which keeps projects on track & gets businesses open much quicker.

Insurance is carried for every service we offer including spraying. Our independent H&S advisors are always on hand to provide RAMS and any other H&S documents you may need.

Below we are spraying a new School in Taunton


Domestic property paint spraying

Domestic property spraying can be carried out with no mess left at the end of a project, we can leave a beautiful finish in your home which is simply unachievable using brush & roller methods. Using modern techniques & period finishes like Farrow & Ball, Little Greene, Dulux Heritage etc we can leave a flawless chalky finish to your walls & ceilings.

When spraying inside homes we make sure everything is fully covered with protective materials, we have never had a problem but you can rest assured we are fully insured for all works we carry out. Please ask to see a copy of our insurance and we will be more than happy to put your mind at ease.

Below is a finished staircase we sprayed in Taunton