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Exterior Decoration Portishead

On this project in Portishead the client had problems with previous decorators painting over fungal growth and in one area over lime wash, resulting in the coating failing. After we had pressure washed the entire exterior of the property to remove flaking paint, traffic film & general dirt we then treated all masonry surfaces with a fungicide to kill all fungal growth, scraped any remaining loose paint, stabilised where necessary, raked out and filled all cracks using a high performance flexible exterior filler which was blended to the existing masonry to eliminate any texture difference between the render & new filler we then applied two coats of Dulux Maximum exposure on the non lime based parts of the building and KEIM Granital over the lime based parts to allow them to breathe. 


We also replaced the facias, soffits and

guttering to the entire property.

exterior decorating, Somerset

Exterior paint spraying Taunton

This farmhouse in Taunton was covered in fungal growth so after washing and treating the fungal growth with a fungicide the decision was made to spray & back roll the property in order to achieve a fast uniform finish on the render whilst flooding any pin pick holes you see in these sorts of roughcast renders, when done properly this then completely seals the surface providing a decorative, uniform and all important weather resistant finish which will protect the surface for many years.

Exterior painting spraying Somerset

Georgian property, Abbots Leigh

Where to start with this property?!

We have regularly worked at this property for around 20 years now, it was the first job Ben went to when he started working for the company in 2007 and we still visit for various works at least once a year now. A beautiful Georgian house which has been lovingly restored and maintained by the owners and ourselves. The windows were replaced a number of years ago, unfortunately they were replaced by a company who have since gone bust after designing windows not fit for purpose, a design that allowed water to enter between the glass and the timber resulting in an enormous amount of rotten timber in all windows & doors. Not only were these windows rotting, they were rotting from the inside out which has made our task of maintaining the windows extremely difficult as the exterior surface is solid but underneath the timber is rotting. Thankfully we have mostly solved the various issues they had but we still check them over every year and occasionally find a little rot. We do occasionally find a window that is so badly rotten inside that we have to replace it. Thankfully we work closely with a joinery shop who can replicate these windows without the design flaws of the originals. 

We have decorated every surface of this property so many times that it all blurs into one, as do the many other works we and our team of trades have completed to this property over the last 20 years from a new roof to fixing plumbing leaks to tiling and more or less anything else you can think of.


Exterior Decoration Weston-Super-Mare

This property in Weston-Super-Mare was a straight forward one. Our process was to pressure wash the exterior to remove contamination, clean all facias, soffits & gutters, it was then treated with fungicide to kill fungal growth before being painting two coats using Dulux Maximum Exposure due to the property being so close to the sea. The client then asked us to paint the tiles you see below the window and also spray the garage door in the same colour. The garage door was sprayed with HVLP using industrial grade paint which is touch dry in 15 minutes, almost eliminating disruption and the need to leave the garage door open into the night. 

We always try to use the best products for any given job


Victorian property decoration, Clifton

This property was a beautiful Victorian terrace in Clifton. The sash windows were very tired & not functioning due to being painted shut in the past, our process for this project was to sheet up and protect everything in sight using polythene rolls and polythene backed dust sheets, we then removed the sash window boxings and eased the sashes where we found the common mistake people make - originally these sashes would have had very thin 3mm glass, over the years they had been replaced with modern, thicker, toughened glass without replacing the sash weights resulting in the windows being heavier than the weights designed to keep them open... so they don't stay open. To rectify this problem we replaced the sash cords and weights, using varying weights until we found the perfect 'sweet spot' where you can easily slide the sash but when you let go the window does not move from where you left it until you move it again. A properly functioning sash window is a lovely thing to use.

After the sashes were perfectly weighted we then removed all paint build up (something else that causes stiff sashes), cleaned out and repaired all rotten timber using an epoxy resin before spraying the windows with HVLP using Farrow & Ball water based eggshell in All White. The windows were then protected before hanging lining paper on various walls and repairing various sections of the cornice. We then went about spraying the ceilings, cornice & walls using Airless spray in Farrow & Ball Estate Emulsion - James White for the ceilings & cornice and Pointing for the walls to give a beautiful period correct finish with modern techniques to the property. The rest of the woodwork was then sprayed using HVLP with Farrow & Ball All White to match the windows.


Project Name

This is actually a 6 bedroom property we renovated from top to bottom which was suffering from various damp problems - Rising damp, penetrating damp and a leaking roof.


Everything was either replaced or restored on this property in Somerset. Works carried out included a new roof, UPVC facias, soffits & gutter replacement, UPVC window replacement throughout, Damp proof injection and tanking throughout the ground floor, an ensuite shower room built, joist repairs & replacement, new oak staircases installed, a new damp proof membrane installed and new subfloor, all exterior walls were then 'dot & dabbed' with insulated plasterboard whilst every ceiling and internal wall was clad with plasterboard & then plastered. The exterior render you see in the below picture was patch repaired and then painted using Dulux Weathershield matched to a Laura Ashley Colour 'Old Gold' before the interior was sprayed using various Farrow & Ball colours 

Property renovation somerset